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07 April 2023

Every dog looks forward to their daily walks. Their ears probably perk up any time you ...

Every dog looks forward to their daily walks. Their ears probably perk up any time you reach for their leash or favorite water bottle. But, dog walks aren’t all created equal: some are for socializing, some are for burning energy, some are for exploring. Your dog might like a combination of these, too. We outlined those types below as well as the best gear to have on hand before you head out the door. 

The Sniffari Guide

It’s no surprise that dogs love to sniff, and some insist on inspecting every inch of the sidewalk or patch of grass. Sniffing is actually mood boosting, mind stimulating, and beneficial in other ways, so there are plenty of reasons to let your dog’s nose run wild. If your pup gets a little too distracted though, it’s a good idea to have a bag of treats on hand to get their attention when you need it.

The Party Pup

These are the social butterflies of the pack. Just the mere sight of a dog across the street excites them, and they won’t pass up on a meet-and-greet. Dog parks and group walks are probably right up their alley, since they’ll take any opportunity to make a new friend. We suggest bringing along a toy, so they have something to play with, too.

The Marathoner

All dog walks are a form of exercise, but some pups prefer taking it at their speed: fast. They have plenty of energy to burn and probably need at least a couple of runs throughout the day. It’s best you have a secure leash and lots of water on-hand, so they’re staying properly hydrated

The Jog-Walker

This dog is most likely a combination of a runner and one of the other types. Yes, they love a good sprint here and there, but they also want to scope out their environment or stop for a quick introduction. Because they have a mix of interests, be sure to have everything you need in case they need water, snacks, or bathroom breaks.

The Curious Wanderer

These dogs prefer hiking, rather than the standard walk. They like roaming around in wooded sites or nature trails. If they’re trained for off-leash areas, these are great for exploring the great outdoors. For on-leash spots, be sure to have a lengthy leash so they have lots of room to roam. And for either scenario, having water is an essential. 

What kind of walker is your pup? Let us know and show off your walk gear on Instagram, and be sure to tag us @springerpets!